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collaboration with Chan Hong Wing

Site-specific performance, Single-channel video documentation, Colour, Sound  



We found this symmetrical space in the Hung Hom station.A set of clocks and platform signages peculiarly hang above platform 3 (to Tuen Mun, a local place in Hong Kong) and platform 4 (to Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau, borders to mainland China). A central pillar divides the platforms into two mirrored worlds, with the exception of the synchronized hands of the clocks.



We see Hung Hom station as a miniature of Hong Kong. Both are intersectional places where both locals and mainlanders gather. We think of this station as a place where people interweave into the city. People coming from or going to a variety of destinations converge at this station. Inspired by the station’s specific symmetry, two performances had held on a bench (i:Two persons reading different stands of Hong Kong newspapers, “wenweipo” and “apply daily” at same time; ii:Two persons knitting a same scarf) and recorded from a certain position to capture the subtlety of the space.​

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